Radiology & Laboratory

Facilities with state of the art radiology equipment that deliver the highest standards of diagnostic health services in the field of radiology, imaging & lab.
Offered Services Include:
– CT/CAT Scan
– X-Ray
– Ultrasound
– Echocardiography
– Doppler
– Breast Imaging
– Contrast Studies

Femto Lasik Blade-less Eye Surgery

The most efficient technology currently available within the field of Lasik Eye Surgery is now more affordable than ever, with treatment facilities of excellent records and state of the art treatment equipment.

Dental Treatment

We offer superior dental care provided by specialised professionals in accredited clinics with a wide variety of specialities that include:

– Cosmetic Dentistry
– Dental Implants
– Pediatric Dentistry
– Root Canal Treatment
– Crowns & Bridges
РRemovable Dentures 
and much more..

Hepatitis C Treatment

Coming Soon…

Breast Augmentation

Coming Soon…

Hair Transplantation

Coming Soon…